British History

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1. Comprehensive Notes for UGC-NET (Rs. 1500)
• Detailed notes on Literary History, Theory
• Glossary of Literary and Theoretical Terms
• Major Topics selected from NET Question Papers
• Objective Questions & Question Bank based on past Question Papers • Summary of all topics in capsule form for Quick Revision FREE OFFER: Books on Analysis of Literary Works, Literary Criticism, American & Commonwealth Literatures plus 800 Objective Questions

2. Notes for BA/MA, UGC-NET/JRF, HSA, SET, PSC & UPSC Exams, MPhil-PhD Entrances (Rs. 800) Book I Literary History & Literary Theory
Book II Analysis of Literary Works
NEW Book III Literary Criticism
Book IV American Literature, Commonwealth Literature
& Objective Questions
Book V Language Studies
FREE OFFER: Compact Guide for Quick Revision
UGC-NET Notes Set One
Surefire Study Tips for UGC-NET exam: Prepared from careful research and years of experience in coaching for the exam.
UGC-NET Guidelines: The structure of UGC-NET; question paper format etc. English Literature: An Introduction: A systematic and exhaustive history of English literature from Old English period to the twentieth century; very useful for reference Literary Theory: An Introduction: Introduction to major literary theories and theoreticians Glossary of Literary & Theoretical Terms: Important literary and theoretical terms explained.

Essay Compendium: Essays on English literary periods, focussing on genres and movements. Revision Medley: Important areas in English literature explained, chosen on the basis of UGC-NET past question papers.

Objective Questions: A brief guide to UGC-NET Paper II, with worked out examples from past question papers
Question Bank: An exhaustive question bank of 330 descriptive-type questions prepared from past question papers.
From English Literature: An Introduction (Pages 98-99)
At the turn of the century the Gothic mode, with its alternations between evocation of terror and appeal to sensibility, reached a peak of popularity with novels such as Ann Radcliffe's Mysteries of Udolpho (1794) and The Italian (1797) and Matthew Gregory Lewis' sensational The Monk (1796). These writers dealt with the supernatural and with human psychology far less adequately than did the poets, however, and appear to modern readers all the more shallow when compared with the great novelist Jane Austen. Her Northanger Abbey (begun in 1797; published posthumously, 1817) satirizes the Gothic novel, among other things, with complex irony; Sense and Sensibility (begun 1797; published 1811) mocks the contemporary cult of sensibility, while also displaying sympathetic understanding of the genuine sensitivities...
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