British Airways

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HR0277 Change, work and Diversity

Part 1: Research report on British Airway’s (BA)

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Part 2: Academic report to evaluate the implementation and resistance of such change management from one of the three stakeholders’ point of view

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Part 3: Seminar-based portfolio evidences.

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Siti Nuraisah Binte Zailani


Part 1

British Airway’s

1. Introduction

2. Change management in British Airway’s
2.1 Organisational context (British Airway’s: 2009- 2011) 2.2 The strategic change itself as outlined by its management 2.3 The nature and extent of the strategic changes
2.4 The change management strategy
2.5 The challenges and management difficulties in implementing such change strategy

3. Conclusion

4. Bibliography


The objective of this report is to examine the leadership quality and the staff reaction in British Airway’s (BA). Change management are needed for British Airway’s as there are industrial disputes between the management and crew members in 2009-2011. For change to take place, there will be steps to take before the change should be implemented. Drastic measures and shock tactics should be taken into consideration.

In 2007, credit crunch from USA banks (BBC News, 2009) caused an impact globally however British Airway’s was not very affected by the recession. With reference to British Airway’s Annual Report 2007/2008 (2009), British Airway’s finance costs for 2007/08 were £175 million, compared with £168 million in 2006/07 due to help from Terminal 5 and aircraft orders.

In 2008, British airway’s fiasco in Terminal 5 waived £700,000bonus that Willie Walsh should be receiving for overseeing the pre-tax profit of £883m (Guardian, 2008). Moreover, the raising global oil price will lead British Airway’s to a worst financial year (Guardian, 2008). This was the beginning...
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