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The alliances that Britain belonged with and their primary allies mold history and the war’s that Britain battled. Although there were many concerns such as security, strength, and wealth that led Britain to gain alliances; Britain’s economic growth and revolutionary expansions of modern technology topped the list in countries of Europe, and major imperialist’s activities for Britain during the nineteenth century grew. In addition Britain’s alliances and imperial ambitions led to its involvement in World War 1. Alliances

After 1905 France, Great Britain, and Russia were in alliance. During 1914-1920 the allied powers of Great Britain were Ireland, France, Italy, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Russia, and Nejd. Later the United States would become part of the war. During this time “Britain sought to protect its interests in the Suez Canal”. (E-book ch26)This was a time of western economic and majestic gains throughout Britain and the World. Wars Britain battled between the British and German navies. Britain used its sea power as a resource to force the German’s to trade. Likewise the British worked to gain allies in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration “which promised to “look with favor” on the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine”. (E-book ch26)This created difficulties for the Germans.

In addition, the British got the Arabs to dissident against the Turks giving them the same slogan that the British gave the Jewish people. “The United States (U.S) relied on France and Great Britain for their arms and equipment”. (E-book ch26) German attacks on ships began and on April 2, 1917 Woodrow Wilson became president of the (U.S). The United Stated helped with naval power to allied convoys that protected shipping against German attacks. The (U.S.) enters the Great War and allies initially waited for the time to come when the (U.S.) eventually attain war with...

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