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Topics: Slavery in the United States, Abraham Lincoln, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: September 23, 2014

In Bernhardt’s analysis, she starts off her essay strong by stating how important Frederick Douglass’s speech was. In her first paragraph, Bernhardt shows readers that Frederick Douglass was credible by stating how he himself was part of the slave trade. Bernhardt’s thesis in her first paragraph that drives the rest of her essay is how she states that, “Fredrick was a huge part of the abolitionist movement,” and that, “Fredrick wanted to show his aversion to slavery and his passionate dedication to see it end.”

As Bernhardt continues with her analysis, she states how Frederick not only talks to abolitionist alike, but to proud Americans. As she continues with her analysis, Bernhardt always refers back to her thesis in her first paragraph. She states facts on how Fredrick became such a huge part of the abolitionist movement. She shows readers how Fredrick had the skill to gain the audiences sympathy and how he made his speeches more important to listeners.

In Bernhardt’s fourth paragraph, she refers back to her thesis on how Fredrick wanted to show his aversion to slavery and his passion to see it end. In this paragraph, she continues to show how Fredrick appealed to his audience’s sense and pride by comparing Americans history of revolt against repression and wrongdoing to slavery.

In conclusion, Bernhardt’s whole analysis was to show how Fredrick was important to abolitionist movement; and to show how Fredrick wanted to show his aversion to slavery and his passionate dedication to see it end. She backed up her thesis many times in her body paragraphs by showing how Fredrick, showed his readers how corrupt American culture really is. Then Bernhardt ends her analysis by showing readers how Fredrick’s effort is now slowly impacting the movement and caused many to reconsider the state and directio
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