Abolition Movement Essay

Topics: Abolitionism, Slavery in the United States, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Abolition Movement Essay
I believe that Frederick Douglass’s nonviolent acts of being an abolitionist because it was more effective for the abolishment of slavery. The abolitionist movement was when the abolitionist tried different techniques to get everyone’s attention on slavery. Frederick Douglass’s tech was to become a public speaker and let everyone know the wrongs of slavery. When on the other half John Brown robbed an armory and tried to gives slaves guns to rebel against slavery violently. But John Brown idea didn’t go exactly as planned... they took over the armory for about a week but in the end a lot of John Browns sons died during the “Raid On Harper’s Ferry”. Frederick Douglass’s felt very obliged to become an abolitionist because he was a slave until he has 21 on his 2nd try to escape slavery. But this time he did it and became a free man. But even after being a slave to an owner. Now he is a slave to the economy. So he had to get poor jobs that couldn’t make him the money he needed. But he would make him the money he needed he would go to an anti-slavery convention and speak as a former slave. Someone from the Liberator. The stop abolitionist newspaper in the union saw him make a speech at a convention and they offered him a full time job. In this job he got famous for being a great abolitionist. The more he liked by the people in the Union, the more people hated him in the south (confederates). In this job he met great people that helped him become the leading aboleshinest of the time. He has taken this title. To his grave and people today still remember what he has done to the United States. John Brown’s way of being an abolitionist was to do violent things to go against slavery was very violent. Like going to Harper’s Ferry and taking over the place for a week. This is got loads of attention from the public and the government. These kinds of acts are what led the US to the civil war. This act didn’t completely go as John Brown thought it...
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