Brief History of Usa

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COLUMBUS: The context for colonization.
Columbus was “The Discoverer” of America. (Obviously, there were people living there before his arrival, but for Europeans, he was the Discoverer) In addition, Columbus was not the first one who explored America, there were previous explorations before: Explorers from Siberia, Indonesia, Japan… were in America before Columbus, so without the help of these previous explorations, Columbus wouldn’t have been in America.

Thanks to new ships (Already used by egiptians) Columbus could reach America, he also had a Compass, which was really helpful too, another important thing was the geographical knowledge Columbus had. In 1450, The printing Press appeared, and some writings about exotic distant countries started to appear in the press texts, Columbus was incited by those texts and by Marco Polo’s travels and he wanted to discover one of those exotic distant countries. EXTRA INFO ( I will add extra info sometimes, after some texts, which I think will be helpful) * “If you wanted to be happy, you had to be white, you had to be a man, and you had to be well-off (You had to have money)” -George Washington

* About Slavery… -> George Washington, who was always talking about freedom, had slaves at home.

Columbus was able to colonize America thanks to his superior military technology, they had guns and powder, which were able to kill everybody they needed. After the colonization, only those who were White, Male, Western and Hetero were the ones who were welcome, the others (Black people), were not welcome.

Because of colonization, Fauna appeared and started to be a problem. Some diseases also appeared, such as Small pox, Yellow fever or Malaria. All these diseases killed more people than weapons did, and, of course, those diseases were brought from Europe to America. Apart from the diseases, there were massive killings and a lot of suicides, but diseases killed even more people than those two together. As we have said before, because of colonization, Slavery started to be a trending topic. Spanish people who went to America started to take Native Americans as Slaves. Another important thing to take into account was the sexual explotation; Columbus rewarded his men with native women and they raped them. IMPACT OF COLONIZATION IN EUROPE

In Europe, everything was quite different. Thanks to colonization, they thought that it was the time for reformation. In Europe, they didn’t know how to explain what America was, they knew nothing about America and his occupiers. Some different social organizations started to arise.

There was also a Rise of European Consciousness:
-Being European meant being White and powerful. They had Americans as the opposite: Black and Slaves. There also were changes gastronomically speaking, Europeans brought Corn and Potatoes, Which was a revolution in their diet. EXTRA INFO

* The contact between America and Europe was the beginning of capitalism.(We will see it later) * The empires that helped Columbus to colonize America were Spanish, British and French. (I don’t know if I’m missing any) * Virginia, Plymouth and Massachusetts were the most important colonies. (We will see them deeply later) * Native Americans were known as uncivilized by the Europeans, for Europeans, a Native American was something bad, full of bad connotations. EUROPE AND AMERICA: EFFECTS OF CONTACT

-Syncretism > Process of transformation of Native American cultures. (Guns, new food, ways of building houses…) -Technology > Guns (This system benefited both sides, Europeans and Americans) -Escalation of Indian Warfare > Some tribes had military advantage over other tribes, which led to an unbalanced level of technology. -The beginning of Slavery > Europeans expanded Indian Slavery, Indian Slaves were sent to Indies in...
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