Bride Burning in India

Topics: Hinduism, Marriage, Ramayana Pages: 4 (1228 words) Published: December 13, 2005
Bride burning in the Hindu religion is a hideous custom enforced by the Brahmin priests to eradicate non-Brahmin women, in order to destroy the non-Brahmin races. Other methods used are wife-burning, sati or widow-burning, jauhar, and witch burning. Most of these murders are passed off or regarded as kitchen fires and are never brought to justice. This is a result of the low status of women in India who are viewed more as personnel property that can be disposed of at anytime.

About eighty percent of India is Hindus. Bride-burning is a result of the Vedic decrees enforcing of dowry, which is the extortion of large quantities of wealth by the groom's family from the bride's family. The Veda is a collection of the oldest of Hindu spiritual text which are interpreted by the Brahmin priests. When the bride's family cannot pay the amount commanded by the in-laws, the bride is often then burned alive as a consequence. Sometimes the in-laws demand more dowry than the agreement made at the time of marriage. When the deadline the family specifies runs out the bride is burned in a horrific way. Often the bride is mutilated by having her genitalia cut off; sometimes the bride is boiled alive or has large objects drove into her privates in order to stimulate internal bleeding.

The custom of dowry has divine sanction since the Ramayana says that Sita brought a huge dowry for Rama. The Ramayana has been among the most important literary and oral texts of South Asia. This heroic poem provides insights into many aspects of Indian culture and continues to influence the politics, religion, and art of modern India. Worse though is the custom of eating the flesh of the burnt bride according to the Veda "purushamedha" which means human sacrifice. After the bride has been burnt alive her body is then cooked and consumed by the religious Hindu family of the groom. Not only has the family destroyed the evidence of the crime, the religious Hindus also gain spiritual credit...
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