Brick Making Assignment

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Coursework one (Deadline 28th March 2013) A maximum of 10 people per group Arnold deals in making and selling of bricks. He would like to computerize for better management. The price of a single brick varies from time to time. The minimum price of a brick is always constant. Due to various factors, additional costs may come in. During the rainy season, an additional 30% of the minimum price is charged per brick. If one buys all the bricks at once, he or she is given a discount of 15% the total sum he is meant to pay. If bricks are finished, Arnold can make more. Making 1000 bricks requires the following capital input

1. 80 jerrycans of water
2. Feeding of the workers
3. Renting of the place
4. Paying each worker per day
Each worker should make a given number of bricks in a day. Each worker eats a single plate of food for everyday worked Write a c program that will ask user for the following
1. How many bricks are required to be made. This can be entered as many times as possible as long as the program is still running 2. in
3. The minimum price of a single brick
4. Whether the season is rainy or sunny
5. If one is buying, the program should ask how many bricks he or she is buying 6. Price of a single plate of food
7. How much is paid for renting the place
8. Price of a jerry can of water
9. Amount to pay each worker per day
10. How many bricks a person can make in a day
The program should then output
1. How many workers shall be required in a day given the number of bricks required to be made 2. How many jerry cans of water shall be required
3. How much will be spent on buying food for each and every joint 4. Profit of the bricks will generate
5. How many bricks are remaining at a given time
6. how many days brick making shall take
Use A makefile and classify the above into the following modules (Each of the modules is a .c file) 1) Capitalinput
2) Reporting
3) Sales...
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