Brentley Mallard

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Richards attempted to block the view of Brently Mallard from his weak and frail-minded wife. However, Mrs. Mallard forcefully pushed his hand aside. She regained a conquering composure determined to remain the status as a goddess of victory. Maddened with liberation, the widowed woman straightened her posture and quickly glances at her sister and Richards with warning. Brently attempted to utter a word, however before a sound slipped through his frightened-cracked lips, Louise grasped his shirt with a wild look in her eye, “I will be free.” The once-fragile woman tightens her hold and pushes him out the chestnut door with ferocity. Brently Mallard stumbles back shocked by his wife’s action against him then with realization he drops his gripsack. His words caught in his blotchy red throat, he regains his footing and runs to the door. Tilting her head back with a slight laugh, Louise Mallard grabs the iron latchkey and closed the door.
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