Braveheart Review

Topics: Braveheart, Edward I of England, William Wallace Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Braveheart Sarah Bastiaans, Anne Soede V4C

The film ‘Braveheart’, that was directed and produced by Mel Gibson, who also played the lead, is about the Scottish hero William Wallace who led the Scots in the First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward of England.

Before we started watching ‘Braveheart’ we knew that it was about the First War of Scottish Independence, and that it was based on facts. Therefore we thought that the film would be similar to a documentary in many ways, and that it wouldn’t be a very spectacular film. However, these expectations didn’t turn out to be correct. The film was very exciting and spectacular, not at all like a documentary.

We also knew that Mel Gibson played the lead; we had seen a few of his movies already and thought that he was a great actor. So we expected him to act very well, and make his character, William Wallace, come to life. He didn’t disappoint us. His acting was supreme, he made us sympathise William Wallace.

William Wallace has gone through a lot in his life already when he asked Murron to come horse riding with him. He witnessed the treachery of Longshanks and both his father and brother were killed while he was still very young. He was educated by his uncle, who didn’t only teach him how to fight, but what to fight for. William and Murron fall in love, and they marry in secret, to avoid that Murron is raped by an English Lord because of ‘ius primae noctis’ (the right of the first night). When an English soldier tries to rape Murron, William fights several soldiers and they try to flee. William succeeds, but without him knowing, Murron was captured and killed by the English soldiers and the sheriff. To avenge Murron’s Death he and some of the villagers kill the English garrison and the sheriff. This is how the revolution starts. William gathers more and more Scottish to help him fight the English and he becomes a legend.

The main character in the film is William Wallace, who is...
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