Brasil Foods And Bimbo Cases

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Brasil Foods case
1. Bell, David E., and Natalie Kindred. "Brasil Foods." Harvard Business School Case 512-013, December 2011. (Revised April 2013.) 2. 20K report: 3. see 2014 annual report in:

1. First examine the Brazilian market:
a. What are the five forces and KFS of the two main business segments of Brasil Foods (fresh meats and processed products) in Brazil? b. What was the rationale of the merger between Perdigao and Sadia? Is it a success? What are the remaining challenges for the merger to be successful? (analyze performance and risk in the domestic market, looking at ratios in comparison to JBS) c. Analyze Brasil food key resources and competitive advantage in the Brazilian market. What is the rmain strategy of Brasil Foods in Brazil? Is it based on cost or differentiation? d. As CEO of Brasil Foods, how would you prioritize: Rationalizing the domestic business? Developing a single Brasil Foods culture? Establishing new export markets? Develop production abroad? (consider both business segments for your answer) 2. International expansion:

a. What are the key markets for International expansion of BRF? What is the performance of BRF international division in comparison to Brazil? b. What are the main recommendations for further expansion? (Where? How?)

Deadline: 22nd of April

Criteria of evaluation:
Form: 30 %30
Readability, spelling, style, structuration                      15 Ability to stress the key elements of the work15

• Contents: 70 %
Quality of the organization and plan of the presentation       10               Quality of logical links between causes and consequences10     Relevance of answers to the questions of the case15  

Quality of the use of data to support your own affirmations15 Diversity and richness of the analysis10...
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