Brain Aneurysm Emergency: Family Encounter

Topics: English-language films, Family, Kinship and descent Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: March 2, 2014
Beth Gordon
English College Writing
Descriptive Essay
October 8, 2013
“After reading “Ground Zero” write a description of a sight or scene that fascinated, surprised, or shocked you. Your description should explain why you were so deeply affected by what you saw.

Have you ever had to watch someone you love dearly lay in a hospital bed fighting for their life? In January, I made a trip to OSU, Neuro-Intensive Care, to visit my 41 year old Aunt that had just suffered a brain aneurysm two days prior to my visit.

This was my first trip to the OSU hospital. I had spent 4 hours at the Apple Store at the Polaris Mall with my sister-in-law, then, we headed to the hospital when my mom had called me to tell me that she and my brother had just got onto I- 270. As my sister-in-law and I walk into the doors at Doan’s Hall the atmosphere was almost as if it gave you a bad vibe. We walked through that section of the hospital to get on a elevator that would take us 8 levels up to the waiting room of the Neuro-Intensive Care. As we walked into the waiting room I see some of my family sitting at a circular table just talking to one another while waiting on the rest of my family to get back from visiting her. Once they got back I noticed that their eyes were filled with tears, blood shot, and puffy. It almost made me want to back out because I realized I was not mentally prepared to see something so terrifying.

As I washed my hands and walked down what seemed to be a mile long hall I got nervous. I got an uneasy feeling while trying to fight back my tears. I see from a distance my aunt lying in a hospital bed. When I walk into the room with my uncle and sister-in-law, my uncle is informing us of what has happened recently and what’s going to happen. My aunt was unable to communicate with us, except for her rare thumbs up that she would give my uncle.

The room was lit with maybe one dull light and the rest of the light was produced...
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