Topics: Braille, Blindness, Slate and stylus Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: December 5, 2012
This study will be a significant attempt in promoting the modernization of the braille communication system. It also be beneficial to the persons who are visually impaired, students and instructors that manage and corporate with the strategies of effective learning in terms of enhancement of the braille system. By understanding the needs of the blind persons and benefits of quality education, this study will be assured the profit of high technology’s advantage the braille. Braille has been the primary reading medium for persons who are blind or severely visually impaired. Braille is a tactile reading and writing system by individuals who are blind and it is the primary means by which they become literate. It is a coded form of alphabet that allows the user to touch each letter and spell out the words for which the item is. People may learn to use braille as a tool for literacy at any age, depending on their need for a medium other than print. Braille, like the letters of the printed alphabet it represents, is a personal, portable system for communication with oneself and others.¬ Braille was devised in 1825 by Louis Braille, a blind Frenchman. He was blinded in an accident while playing with one of his father’s knives. As a boy he developed a mastery over that blindness and as a young man – still a student at school – he created a revolutionary form of communication that transcended blindness and transformed the lives of millions. After two centuries, the braille system remains an invaluable tool of learning and communication for the blind, and it has been adapted for languages worldwide. In addition, the Braille system was based on a method of communication originally developed by Charles Barbier in response to Napoleon's demand for a code that soldiers could use to communicate silently and without light at night called night writing. Barbier's system was too complex for soldiers to learn, and was rejected by the military; in 1821 he visited the...
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