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Hindu god of Creation

According to the ancient Hindu texts, called Purana, Brahma was either born in a lotus flower or water born from an egg that later turned into a golden egg from which he was born. In the Purana, it is also written that he is the son of God and is not to be confused with Brahman which is a general term for the Supreme Being or Almighty God. He is considered one of a trinity, but he is not as popular as the other two gods Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is to be found to exist more in scriptures than in homes. Hindus essentially believe that Brahma was given the task to create the universe and all things are said to have evolved from him. In order to take on this responsibility, it is said that he birthed from his mind, ten sons to help him complete his work. The sons are considered to be the fathers of the human race.

Brahma’s statue is usually shown with red skin, four heads, beards on his faces, and four arms. His hands hold a spoon or scepter, a rosary or prayer beads, a book of prayers known as the Vedas, and a water pot. He is unlike most other Hindu gods in that he holds no weapons. Brahma is also sometimes depicted as sitting on a lotus flower or holding one. Importantly though, the four castes are believed to have started from Brahma. The Brahmins are from his head, the Kshatriyas from his arms, the Vaishyas from his thighs, and the Shudras from his feet. 

Although Hindu religious prayers are recited to Brahma, there are actually very few temples dedicated to him for worship. The most well known is the Brahma temple at Pushkar. Once a year, on the full moon night of the Hindu lunar month of Kartik between October and November, a religious festival is held in Brahma’s honor. Thousands of pilgrims come to bathe in the holy Pushkar Lake adjacent to the temple. There are several reasons that Brahma is no longer worshipped. One belief is that being the creator, his work is complete, at least for the time being. Therefore,...
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