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Project Report


Submitted for partial fulfillment of requirement for the award of degree Of
Master of Business Administration

Session 2012-14

Submitted by
Priya Kaushal - 1201050
MBA III Semester

Department of Management
DISHA Institute of MANAGEMENT AND Technology
(Disha Education Society)
Satya Vihar, Vidhansabha-Chandrakhuri Marg, Mandir Hasaud,
Raipur (C.G.)492007

This consumer behavior report is based on the topic “The Impact of Pyschological Behavior of Consumer towards packaged drinking water.” The report is completely based on the consumers choices and attitute towards the bottled water.

The survey was conducted among 50 consumers with the help of convienient sampling.

All the respondents choices are then evaluated by applying the Chi- Square test to as to know their behavior towards packaged drinking water.  

The objective behind this study is to know whether there is threat to mineral water from water purifiers and soft drinks

.And moreever to know whether the people of Raipur are getting more health conscious and to know whether the advertisements play in role in the purchasing of mineral water so as to know the awarness level of consumers regarding bottled water.


1.1 Introduction

Water is the fountain of all life. Sixty percent of our body weight is made up of it. But the consumption level of mineral water differs based on the age group. One cannot think about life without water. We are blessed with adequate natural resources of water but increasing population, alarming rate of global warming and rapid industrialization and lack of adequate and improved management of the water supply systems resulted in the increased rate of water consumption, wastage of water and deteriorating condition of the water supply networks and the result is, scarcity of water. The Water shortage around the world and particularly in the developing countries has opened new doors for bottled water Industry.

Getting pure drinking water from municipal taps and towns is now a luxury at home most people are forced either to boil water or install purifiers. While travelling or eating out in restaurants it has become a necessity to buy bottled water. This need has seen explosion of companies marketing “safe drinking water” in bottles across the country.

Bottled water is sold in a variety of packages right from 200 ml pouches and glasses, to 330 ml bottles, 500 ml bottles, to one-liter bottles and even 20-to 50-litre bulk water packs. In terms of cost the bottled water business in India can be divided broadly into three segments,

1 .Premium natural mineral water 
2. Natural mineral water and
3. Packaged drinking water

 It is obvious to find the bottled water manufacturer in metro cities though it might be running only in one room or shop, but its surprising to know that at present in many medium and small villages and even in some of the prosperous rural areas we can find the local manufactures of bottled water and local brand of bottled water laying with the well known brands on the same shelf. Almost all the major international and national brands water bottles penetrated in the Indian market and are available at right from the malls to railway stations to bus stations to multiplexes to grocery stores and even at panwala's shop. It has penetrated so deeply in to market and now it’s become very common to consume bottled water whereas before few years it was considered as the rich people's choice and fashion to consume bottle water.

Thanks to low pricing and aggressive marketing strategies adopted by the multinationals. Some survey show that truck drivers on highways form a major chunk of...
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