Booth and Brutus Essay

Topics: Roman Republic, John Wilkes Booth, Julius Caesar Pages: 3 (401 words) Published: May 26, 2014
Brutus & Booth Essay

Brutus and John Wilkes Booth both commited very dire deeds by killing the leader of their time because they felt they were a tyrant. Coming from very different times, they both had the same motive which was to protect their country from the leader. Both men killed their leaders because they were thinking of their country and they were giving voice to the people who had none. “There is no harm intended to your person, Nor to no Roman else.” As Brutus said, he didn't kill Caesar for his own gain, but he killed for his love of Rome. “For my country I have given up all that makes life sweet and holy, brought misery upon my family, and am sure there is no pardon in the Heaven for me.” Booth knew very well what he was doing. There was no other explanation for their actions. Both men knew what the country that they lived in would turn in to if they left that leader in charge. In their opinion, they were doing justice for everyone and they don't feel sorry about it. These men may have killed their leaders, but they felt they were giving voice to those that didn't have one. In the play Julius Caesar, The commoners were very easily persuaded, how would they know what's best for them if they were so blind to what was already happening? “I do not wish to shed a drop of blood, but I must fight this course.” Booth felt the same as Brutus or at least had the same intentions as Brutus. Booth took it upon himself to end this tyrant, he didn't mean to shed blood but he was going to whatever necessary to take him out, cause who else was going to take out the tyrant or bad leader of America? “My was purer than either of theirs. One hoped to be great himself. The other had not only his country's but his own.” Although Booth didn't want to be thought of as Brutus who killed to gain power which at first wasn't his first initial plan. But to be thought of as two men trying to stick up for their countries. They had to do what they felt was right for their...
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