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Executive Summary
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Situation Analysis

Gladiator Tough is a business that focuses in creating products for fitness gurus. The company believes people who are active in fitness, need products that will keep them looking fresh, comfortable and empowered while they do their fitness activities. The main concern of this company is to comfort consumers while they exercise. There are about “three million sweat glands in a human body” and people need an object to absorb the moisture off their body ( This is how the Gladiator Towel was created. The gladiator towel is light weight and absorbs more water than a regular towel. This is why Gladiator believes this product will be a success. People are becoming for health conscious and have been eating healthier and exercising more often. This is why Gladiator Tough believes now is the time to hit the market while it’s expanding. Gladiator Toughs marketing strategy will be the strength of creating brand and product awareness to a specialized market. Market Summary

Even in the midst of the economic downturn, the fitness industry has maintained steady growth, with gym membership rates growing consistently and profit remaining solid. Demand for gyms health, and fitness clubs will continue to grow over the next five years. The reason for the growth is the general public is becoming more health conscious and the aging population places a greater emphasis on staying fit ( People who are fitness savvy will be found in gym facilities, marathons, runs, relays, sport recreations, boot camps and any type of activity which involves cardio exercise or strength training. Below is a chart that indicates how many fitness facilities are in the United States.

 | Product/Services| Share| |
| Gyms and fitness centers| XX%| |
| Other| XX%| |
| Dance centers| XX%| |
| Swimming pools| XX%| |
| Ice and roller rinks| XX%| |
| Tennis centers| XX%| |
Key Industry Figures| 2010| 2011|  |
Industry Revenue| *24,227.5| XXXX | $ million|
Revenue Growth| *2.2| XXXX | %|
Industry Gross Product| *11,675.1| XXXX | $ million|
Number of Establishments| *32,820| XXXX | Units|
Number of Enterprises | *28,912| XXXX | Units |
Gym and health facilities have grown so much which will help to sell the Gladiator Towel. The target market will be athletes, gym members and people who exercise. According to U.S Census Bureau Los Angeles County population from 2009 estimate 9,848,1136 . is a website that demonstrates the demographics of gym facilities in Los Angeles County. Base on one city alone there is a number of gym services just in this small area of the La County. * North Hollywood Health Clubs & Gyms (344)

* North Hollywood Health & Fitness Consultants & Personal Trainers (97) * North Hollywood Gymnastics Schools (13)
* North Hollywood Karate, Martial Arts & Self Defense Schools (13) *

However, the business needs to see the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats there is in the industry. SWOT Analysis

* Guaranteed 4.5M Bank Loan
* Strong relationship with four different manufacturers
* Promotional Alliance with popular gyms and colleges
* 10 years experience in Fitness industry, specifically in exercise products/equipment Weaknesses:
* Our company has no market presence or reputation
* No Sponsorships or famous athletes wearing the brand
* Competitor Nike
* Have no customer loyalty...

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