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Book Review: The Other Wes Moore

By ixamar Apr 21, 2014 866 Words
Many people from around the world including myself can relate to this remarkable story “The other Wes Moore”. Growing up in a bad environment can be tough for anyone. Wes was taking the path to failure. The love that his mother and grandparents had for him was strong and they helped him turn his life around. Later, Wes was able to succeed because of his family who influenced him. He was lucky to have a family who wanted nothing but the best for him. At the time, Wes Moore and his family struggled in life but always found a way to manage. Joy did the best she could for herself and most importantly for her children. Wes did poorly in school and because of that he was sent to military school and that changed his life forever. In military school he also was extremely influenced by his drill instructor Colonel Bratt. Joy moved with Wes’s grandparents in New York. Everyone in the family was excited to move out. However the Bronx where his family was relocating is known to be a dangerous city filled with violence, drug activity, and murder crimes. Joy at first didn't realize that over the years the Bronx where she grew up in was no longer a safe city. Eventually Wes had to settle in a school. She decided to put him in a private school called Riverdale because of the negative information she found out about public schools. She paid large amounts of money to pay for Riverdale and as much as she struggled she was determined. During the beginning of the school year Wes was settling in his new school and with new peers. Shortly after, Wes started to receive unsatisfactory report cards and teachers thought that he may have a learning disability. Joy knew that there wasn't anything wrong with her son. She knew that he was simply not working to his full potential. What she didn't know was that her son in fact was not attending school as much and that was the reason he wasn't doing well. Joy began to get very depressed and angry. She loved her son so much that she couldn't see him fail. Her dreams were crushed once before when she wanted to attend college and do well but wasn't able to. Joy did not want her son to lose the opportunity of succeeding like she once did. Joy and his grandparents decided to send Wes to military school to see if that would help him. All of the money that Wes's grandparents have saved over the years went towards the cost of the school. When Wes realized he was being sent off to military school he felt so vulnerable and afraid. Wes for sure didn't want to be there and he did not like it. First, he tried several times to escape from the place until he was able to make a phone call to his mother. He was lucky to be able to speak to her within a few weeks of being there because he wasn't suppose to. Joy mentioned about how his deceased father is looking down at him, many people were proud of him, and that everyone in the family were rooting for him. She told him that he wasn't going home until he gave the school a change and also told him that she and his grandparents made many sacrifices for him to be there. Quickly Wes started to realize and understand that he could indeed succeed. Cornell Bratt was a huge impact in his life during his stay at the school. Bratt teached Wes moore discipline, respect, and helped him build character. As the years passed he became an absolutely amazing person and grew so much since then. He served the army and attended Oxford University to receive his master's degree. He's incredibly successful not to mention he wrote a book about his life and another young man named Wes Moore who had many similarities as Wes moore the author. He sent out a message to millions of people who have read this book. He believes that everyone is able to become whoever they wish to be with hard work and dedication. Nobody has to take the path to failure if they don't choose to. Wes is more than honored and thankful to be part of his family as he mentions in the book. Joy and his grandparents are lucky people to have a great person like Wes moore in the family. If it wasn't for Joy and his grandparents pushing Wes and helping him do well in life then maybe Wes Moore wouldn't be where he is today. During military school Cornell Bratt helped Wes a whole lot as well. Not many people have families or parents to guide them to the right direction and lucky for Wes he did and I myself am so happy for him. This book touched me and made me realize that I am lucky, just like Wes Moore, to have parents who care, love and who are there for me at all times. This story was very inspiring and I am glad I had a chance to read it.

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