Book Review: Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Applied ethics Pages: 4 (1353 words) Published: February 11, 2012
Book Review: Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins

Dr. David Traverzo

Christian Ethics

Gregory A. Keels


Doing Christian Ethics from the margins is all about helping people explore the ethical issues of the marginalized. This book reveals as to how people who live in the margins of society deal with ethics. Also this book reveals how the same marginalized people worldview is different from the dominate culture who is not apart of the marginalized. This book is divided into four sessions, the first section dealing with theory while the last three gives specific case studies to the theory.

The first session titled Ethical Theory deals with how Christian ethical systems are formed. The author Miguel A. De la Torre gives his understanding of ethical theory. The first main and important statement he makes in this section is when he talks about ethics being done in a particular social location. When he stated that it proved that ethics and social welfare comes together. A person’s upbringing and social surroundings affects his or her ethics.

Also in this section the author talks about how white males generally dominated the academic ethics. This domination has many pitfalls. Some of these pitfalls include spiritual concerns that are excluded from social concerns, individualism, grace in favor of works, thinking more of heaven instead of the here and now, and failure to come up with a transformation praxis. These pitfalls reinforce ideologies of power that are connected to unjust social structures that include racism, classism, and sexism. The author puts up a challenge to every single reader to come up with a code of ethics that will identify with the example of Christ of standing against the oppressed.

In the other three parts of the book the author gives case studies and show how his own hermeneutic circle applied to different ethical situations such as relationships, business, and global relationships. in each section there are four...
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