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Topics: Kashmir, Kashmir conflict, Partition of India Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Kashmir: New voices, New approaches, edited by Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhyu, Bushra Asif and Cyrus Samii (Lynne Rienner Publisher USA, 2006), 291 pages The conflict and cooperation in South Asia region, takes major share by two important countries i.e India and Pakistan. Both India and Pakistan are keeping large armies beside acquired nuclear capability. The traditional rivals fought four wars and remained under tensed environment most of the time. Though the dimensions of conflicts between two rivals may be different however core issue is considered to be the Kashmir conflict. It is a twentieth century problem born out of the process of decolonization, bred by the dominant concept of the nation-state and sovereignty as the right to self determination and the sanctity of borders. The book Kashmir: New voices, New approaches, is the product of international peace Academy. It is the compilation of various research articles by 14 different scholars. The book is edited by Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu, Cyrus Samii and Bushra Asif. Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu is on the faculty of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. He is coeditor of both The United Nations and Regional Security: Europe and Beyond and China and India: Cooperation or Conflict. Cyrus Samii, formerly senior program officer at the International Peace Institute, is a doctoral candidate in political science at Columbia University. Bushra Asif is the consultant with social research Council in New York. Target readers are the academia and policy makers/stake holders to understand various dimensions of the conflict, provides forum for discussion for possible path towards settlement. The articles in the book are interrelated covering different dimensions of Kashmir conflict. The book covers mainly four perspectives of the conflict, i.e. at international, interstate, intrastate, and non state level. It is also worth mentioning that the importance of Kashmir conflict and its implications has been amply highlighted with...
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