Book Report: "The Pale Horse" by Agatha Christie

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The Pale Horse
Agatha Christie

About the Author
Mary Clarissa Agatha Miller (Agatha Christie)
Birth Date- September 15, 1890
Death Date- January 12, 1979
Family Life: She grew up with her parents, an American father and British mother, in Torquay, Devon, South West England. She had two older siblings whom did not live in the house with Agatha when she was a child. She taught herself to read at the age of five and always had her imaginary friends. She attended dance classes and wrote poems. Her family moved to France (Agatha was five) where her father died when she was eleven. At fifteen, Agatha began piano and singing lessons. At eighteen, she had wrote many short stories. In 1912, Agatha met her husband Archie Christie, a member of the Royal Flying Corps. They married on December 24, 1914. They were mostly apart during WWI until 1918, when Archie was posted in a London office. Also during the war, Agatha began writing detective stories. In 1919, she gave birth to her only child Rosalind in August. In 1926, Agatha’s mother dies. Ruining her relationship with her husband more, Archie falls in love with a family friend, Nancy Neale. Due to her depression, she disappears to Harrogate for eleven days under the name of Theresa Neale. She had no memory of Archie. They divorced in 1928. Agatha married her second husband Mac Mallwan on September 11, 1930. Her husband was sent away to Cairo in WWII; he returned in 1945. Agatha died on January 12, 1976, very successful and happy. She was buried in the churchyard of St. Mary’s, Cholsey, England. Famous Works: The Murder of Roger Ackroyed (1926), Peril at End House (1932), Murder on the Orient Express (1934), The ABC Murders (1935), And Then There Were None (1939), Five Little Pigs (1943), Crooked House (1949), A Murder is Announced (1950), Endless Night (1967), Curtain: Poirot's Last Case (1975) Literary Time Period- Golden Age of Detective Fiction

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Literacy Time Period
Era(s): The Edwardian Period
Rulers at Time in England: Victoria (1837-1901), Edward VII (1901-1910), and George V (1910-1935) Political Views: Edward VII was the first king in the Edwardian Period where all people become more involved in politics causing the increase in Labours. The Titanic had sunk in this period, and WWI had begun. Social Contexts: In the Edwardian Period, it was hard to get a divorce. If a man committed adultery, it was not enough to get a divorce. However, if a woman did, divorce was granted right away. The woman had no rights to property, money, or her children. Women were of course, inferior to men, but they began joining the workforce. Religious Contexts- In the Edwardian Period, the church was declining on its influence. Cultural Contexts- Cinema, wireless radio, telephone, invention of the turbine engine, advances in physics, and powered flight. Key Literature- Heart of Darkness (1902) by Joseph Conrad, The Souls of Black Folk (1903) by W.E.B. Dubois, The Call of the Wild (1903) by Jack London, , Ethan Frome (1911) by Edith Wharton Sources Cited:

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