Book Report-Nudge

Topics: Psychology, Paper, So Many Things Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Book Report “Reading Nudge”

These days, knowing ‘who customer is’ becomes more and more important in marketing. Then, to know precisely who customer is, is it enough to study marketing area based on the thought which is “human is rational”? As a marketer, I have been conducting lots of marketing project in my working area. But, as I conducted those projects, I felt that knowing customer is very difficult. It is because sometimes customer was very rational, but in other times customer was extremely irrational. So, frankly speaking, at that time when I thought of that question, I gave up understanding customer. In the mean time, it is a big fortune that I met a book of “Nudge”. It made me feel that maybe I got the answer that question, how can I know the customers. Reading the book, I was really enjoying a lot of example which is shown in the books, and author’s explanations What does nudge mean in the book of “Nudge”? The author defines nudge as a soft intervention that changes the way we think about choice, and shows us how we can influence people, improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness. Basically, I am in favor of Behavioral economics which challenges traditional Economics. Like I mentioned before, in my daily working life, I used to encounter a lot of behaviors of customer’s make me suspicious of that customer is rational? Through this book, I could recognize a lot of example that shows human’s irrational behaviors and exert nudge to make something better. Also, in the middle of and after reading this book, I continually come up with my personal experience about nudge. One of my experiences is about toilet paper. One day, my friend told me that the amount of using toilet paper can be different depending on how to hang it. He explained that people tend to use more toilet paper when it hangs with rolling part being front(not back). It sounds minor things, but it makes me recognize that there are a lot of things making our daily life better...
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