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A Book Report

Sidney Sheldon (February 11, 1917 – January 30, 2007) was an Academy Award-winning American writer. His TV works spanned a 20-year period during which he created The Patty Duke Show (1963–66), I Dream of Jeannie (1965–70) and Hart to Hart (1979–84), but he became most famous after he turned 50 and began writing best-selling novels such as Master of the Game (1982), The Other Side of Midnight (1973) and Rage of Angels (1980). He is the seventh best selling writer of all time. “I try to write my books so the reader can't put them down," he explained in a 1982 interview. Most of his readers were women. Asked why this was the case he said: "I like to write about women, who are talented and capable, but most important, retain their femininity. Women have tremendous power — their femininity, because men can't do without it."Books were Sheldon's favorite medium. "I love writing books," he commented. "Movies are a collaborative medium, and everyone is second-guessing you. When you do a novel you're on your own. It's a freedom that doesn't exist in any other medium." THE STORY

The story took place in four different countries: Germany, France, Colorado and New York. The places were changing due to the mood of the story which is solving for a mystery.
* Diane Stevens- she was an artist; the widow of Richard Stevens; she was trying to look for the reasons of his husband’s death * Kelly Harris- a famous African- American model who was married to Mark Harris; she was the companion of Diane when they were looking for answers * Tanner Kingsley- the owner of the Kingsley International Group (KIG) who was the person behind all of the mysterious deaths * Andrew Kingsley- the founder of the KIG who was always willing to help othrs; brother of Tanner who became disabled after a laboratory accident * Lois Reynolds- the sister of Gary Reynolds who was killed in a fire * Sonja Verbrugge- widow of Frau Verbrugge who was murdered in her own apartment * Richard Stevens- one of the scientists who was mysteriously and violently killed; he worked at the KIG * Mark Harris- the co-worker of Richard Stevens whose death was erroneously reported as suicide * Gary Reynolds- also worked at the KIG; killed in a plane crash * Frau Verbrugge- also a scientist who worked at KIG and was murdered unreasonably * Harry Flint- an ex- convict who works for Tanner Kingsley; he was responsible for the deaths * Pauline Van Luven- lover of Tanner who became the reason for Tanner’s wanting for power Plot

In four cities around the world: Berlin, Paris, Denver and Manhattan, four people died violently and mysteriously. They were all scientists who were working at a company for think tanks known as the Kingsley International Group (KIG). The deaths share a single crucial link: each was connected to an all-powerful environmental think tank. The victims were Richard Stevens, Mark Harris, Gary Reynolds and Frau Verbrugge. The body of Richard Stevens was found in a river near the highway. Nobody knew the reason behind his death even the detectives themselves. Mark Harris’ body was found at the edge of the highway, it was told that his death was a suicidal incident. On the other hand, Gary Reynolds was killed in a plane crash while he was traveling back to Colorado. It was cause by a hurricane but it was not detected by the workers in the airport lines. Frau Verbrugge’s death showed that he was murdered while on the line with his wife.

Two of the victims' widows—accomplished artist Diane Stevens and international supermodel Kelly Harris—may hold the key to their husbands' demise. They met during the time when Tanner Kingsley called them for a private meeting. Their first meeting was not really good because during that day they were already hunted by Harry Flint. Kelly blamed Diane for what is happening to her now; all the gun shooting and planted bombs to the place they were....
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