Topics: Choice, Learning, Decision theory Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: August 28, 2013
By: Veronica Roth

* Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior (protagonist) – our stunning, sixteen year old. Tris comes from Abnegation, a faction devoted entirely to selflessness. But Tris desires a better, more exciting life for herself and, during Choosing Day, makes a difficult decision. Turning from her family and the only lifestyle she’s ever known, Tris makes a startling choice when she chooses Dauntless, the brave. * Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton - mysterious and dark, eighteen year old Four ranks first within Dauntless’ trainers. At times seeming almost cruel and tyrant-like, Tris quickly learns that Four is stronger than anyone she’s ever known…and he may be just what she’s looking for. * Eric (antagonist) – brutal, cruel, and murderous, Eric plans to take over as the Dauntless leader. * Jeanine Matthews (antagonist) – a leader of Erudite based on her IQ, Jeanine writes articles packed with lies about Abnegation simply because she hates that all members of the parliament come from Abnegation. Jeanine becomes a major player when she partners with Eric to develop a serum with the sole aim to destroy all of Abnegation. * Caleb Prior – brother to Tris, son of Andrew and Natalie, Caleb had once displayed himself as the true form of Abnegation. His transfer to Erudite shocked his entire family and almost caused Tris to back out of her decision for fear of destroying their family. Caleb is asked by Tris to investigate Jeanine. * Andrew Prior – father to Tris and Caleb, husband to Natalie, Andrew is a leader of Abnegation. He may turn out to be Divergent, however as Natalie describes him as being “selfish” when Caleb and Tris leave the faction. And being selfish is a very big deal. * Natalie Prior – mom to Tris and Caleb, wife to Andrew, Natalie is Divergent. She is also in Abnegation because her mother thought Dauntless was too dangerous. Amy Flemings 09.08.12 Period 3

Beatrice Prior’s imagined state in which...
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