Bon Cop Bad Cop

Topics: Quebec, Canada, Ontario Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: March 10, 2014
BON COP BAD COP: 2 Brothers or 2 Solitudes?
1. 2 Solitudes & 2 Nations
2. Vive Le Quebec Libre
3. Bon Cop/Bad Cop
a) Stereotypes
b) Languages Politics
c) Togetherness
d) Reading the Film’s Meaning
2 Solitudes
2 Nations
Maitres chez nous
Je me souviens
Vive Le Quebec Libre
2 Solitudes by Hugh MacLennan
French/English – 2 separate cultures which can’t understand each other A persistent metaphor for Canada
Quebecois Understanding of Canada: 2 Nations
Quebec understands Canada as a pact of friendship made between these 2 nations. He quecbec nation’s home is in Quebec & the English get most of the rest of it. (Toronto, capital of English Canada) This is because they are also using the circle-margin dichotomy Not hard to see how this leads to an us/them dichotomy

The Quebec word for the people of Quebec is Quebecois
In practice, this is what we call Quebec nationalists – people whose loyalty to Quebec is their most important loyalty (Not to Canada, but to Quebec only are called Quebecois, otherwise called Quebecers) Is Quebec a Nation?

A Nation is an imagined political community, and Quebec passes using this definition Even the Conservative government (a party that like to call all their Quebec opponents “Separatists” (i.e. NDP MPS) agrees that Quebec is a nation “That this House recognizes that the Quebecois form a nation within a united Canada” Introduced 22 November 2006. Motion passes 266-16

Arguing about Quebec is a great example of Filling the National Centre. Quebec isn’t what makes us unique, it’s the arguments we have that accomplish this. Habitants – An idealized, mythic identity describing French Canadians for much of the 19th and 20th centuries Rural

Represented by the Chapdelaines!
Maitres Chez Nous – “Masters of our own house”
French- speaking Quebecer should control the political, economic, and cultural affairs of Quebec (The Quiet Revolution), business and politics be run by...
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