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Assessment Task - 2012

UNIT TITLE: Biomouse and CAD
TASK TITLE: Promotional Design
FOLIO DUE DATE: Term 3, Week 7, Wednesday 29th August 2012
PROJECT DUE DATE: Term 3, Week 7, Wednesday 29th August 2012
WEIGHTING: 25 % (10% Folio & 15% Practical)

4.1.1 applies design processes that respond to needs and opportunities in each design project
4.1.2 describes factors influencing design in the areas of study of Built Environments, Products, and Information and Communications
4.2.1 generates and communicates creative design ideas and solutions
4.2.2 selects, analyses, presents and applies research and experimentation from a variety of sources
4.3.1 applies a broad range of contemporary and appropriate tools, materials and techniques with competence in the development of design projects
4.3.2 demonstrates responsible and safe use of a range of tools, materials and techniques in each design project
4.6.1 applies appropriate evaluation techniques throughout each design project

The computer mouse has become a desk-top necessity and computer companies are beginning to explore more interesting design possibilities. Nevertheless it could be said that most mouse designs are not very exciting or comfortable to use.

Design a new, ergonomic, cordless computer mouse based on biomorphic design principles.

LIMITATIONS: • The mouse is to be comfortable to hold and use (ergonomic) • It is to be an original design • It must be biomorphic in form • Colour must be considered • Part lines must be considered (Buttons for functions)

Folio - Documentation of the design process and construction.

Realisation - A computer mouse prototype

Year 8 Biomouse Folio Requirements

-Use the following list as a guide as to understand what you are required to have in your design folio.
-Tick the box as you complete the require

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