Blue Mountain Spring Water, Inc.: Marketing Plan

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Blue Mountain Spring Water, Inc.

Blue Mountain Spring Water Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

This three year marketing plan has been developed to show where our company is heading and how we are going to get there. For us to reach these goals we had to obtain a loan to expand our facility to accommodate the additional machinery and storage that will be needed. We have been in business for the past five years and have showed a significant profit each year. The next coming three years will be no different. We are expanding our facility, along with our distribution area. We are introducing new products along with different sizes of our bottles.

Financial Goals

Blue Mountain Spring Water will increase our customer base and expand our distribution by reaching beyond the borders of Pennsylvania. We have several target markets; children for the age of 5 -13, active teenagers and the elderly. We plan to start selling our product in the state of Florida, Georgia and other southern states by the end of this fiscal year. Our revenues over the past five years have provided us a significant portion of the amount we need to expand our production facility to accomplish this task. The loan we have received has no interest for three years .We expect to have it paid back in full within two years.

As with any company we are always trying to improve our product and develop new product lines. Our research team currently is developing a new product line: flavored water with all natural ingredients. We are also developing a delivery service of our water. Our bottle design team has finished a 5 liter design that will be fitted to a water dispensing unit. These units will be rented to office buildings and houses for a very low cost per month. We will stop production on the 2 liter bottle. The machinery that was manufacturing the two liter will start producing the 5 liter bottles. We are also investigating doing a cross promotion with local area dealers who have their coffee machines placed in office buildings. We have proposed to these company’s let us supply the water for your product. We are in the process of find dealers who only deal with high quality coffee. We don’t want our name to be tarnished. These new product lines will increase our revenue by 15%.

We plan to donate vending machines and stock those with our water free for a year in each grade school in the area around our facility. This has also been proposed to different schools in the new area we are going to distribute in.

As will be described below, we have joined together with a company that will grind up our used bottles and recycle them into material we will be able to make more bottles out of. The raw form of plastic is very dependent on the price of oil. Given the current situation of oil prices today and the possibility of another disaster on an oil rig, this process of grinding up used bottles will save us money. The cost of this process will be a fraction of the cost of being new raw materials.

Non-financial Goals

New product line – Flavored water, 5 liter bottle and also distributing coffee machines that will be able to hook up to the 5 liter bottle. Our new geographic market will be the southern states. Along with our campaign when a consumer turns in 25 of the cardboard bottoms from our case they will receive a free case of our water. We are also starting another campaign, when they return 50 plastic bottles to a local recycling center they will receive a coupon for a free case of our water. We have joined together with a company that will grind up our bottle and recycle them into the raw form of plastic. This company will sanitize and clean each bottle before the grinding process. This will allow us to manufacture bottles with purchasing any new raw materials. This will keep our costs down and the price of our product the same.

Core Competencies

At Blue Mountain Spring Water we strive to go beyond what our competitors are...
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