Blue Mountain Spring Water

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Bridgette Roberson
Introduction to Marketing
Mar 301
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Final Project

Blue Mountain Spring Water, Inc.
Three Year Marketing Plan

III. Blue Mountain Spring Water

I. Opportunities ( external factors)

A. The opportunity to ultilize the latest technology for distribution and marketing. B. Expand outside of regional markets to other select markets but avoid mass marketing C.Blue Mountain has no debt therefore it can expand its R&D (research and development) to increase public knowledge about health benefits of purified water versus tap. D. Ther is an opportunity to to expand without the added expense of acquiring additional real estate II.Threats

A. New competitors entering the market especially manufactures of bottle containers that are environmentally friendly and disposable filtration products. B.Economic recession- The current economic recession has no predicted end date and the reality is tap water is cheaper than bottled water. C.The constant changing taste of consumers. Consumers don’t just want purified water but also other benefits such as flavored water and water that provides vitamin and energy Target Market

A combination of concentrated Marketing approach and micro marketing would be used to target buyers. Concentrated Marketing (niche marketing) would consist of marketing efforts that focus on fulfilling the needs of a single market segment. A concentrated marketing approach is beneficial to Blue Mountain Spring Water because it will allow Blue Mountain Spring Water to invest monies without seeking outside financial support. Demographic segmentation approach would be effective in pinpointing customers 18 & 49 and the increasing 65 and over customer. Micro Marketing

Micro marketing will target customers though zip codes, occupation and lifestyle. There are sixty-seven counties located in Pennsylvania, three of which are in the 100 richest counties in the country. Zip codes suc as 15217 Allegheny County,...

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List of Pennsylvania counties by per capita income. (2011, August 6). Retrieved February 24, 2012, from Wikipedia:
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