Blue Economy

Topics: Sustainability, Bamboo, Ecosystem Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Green economy
1. What is bad for you and the environment is cheap
2. What is good for you and good for the environment is expensive 3. Most people cant afford it
4. Not only is it expensive it isn’t any better for the environment Blue economy
1. Open your eyes to see what we have
2. Using what you thought was waste to create food energy and jobs 3. Poverty into development
4. Scarcity into abundance
5. Make a bigger cake to share
6. Starts with entrepreneurs who want to change to the rules of the game by making more money for themselves and their community Gunter Pauli
1. Manufacturing needs to become more sustainable over the long term 2. Economist
3. Gross national happiness
4. 100 new innovations
5. Zero waste impact on environment
6. Could create 100’s of thousands of jobs
7. Commercialization has brainqashed people iton believieng that what is good for them is also expensive when it does not have to be that way 8. Gunters influence
a. Bruno chriskey
b. Mr. Brown
c. Hazel Henderson ethics markets
9. Forest regeneration
10. Business doesn’t want to hurt the environment
11. Changed perception of bamboo buildings from pverty to pride 12. Group housing
i. He could teach people how to build there own homes out of there own bamboo so they were growing homes ii. They were giving these peoples masters degrees who built these bamboo homes for 1200 us dollars iii. He regenerated bamboo forest

iv. Made rich people want bamboo
13. Eco systems have the smartest ways of dealing with minerals d. Regeneration
e. Sustainability
14. You can only operate with what you have
15. Maggot farm in Africa since 1986
f. Maggots convert waste into protein
g. Saliva from maggots is best wound treatment in the world 16. We are not just interested in the gardens we want to respond to the...
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