Blood Red Horse

Topics: Similarity, Difference, James Brown Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: January 8, 2013
When you think of advisors most people think of old nurse, Brother Randolph, and other found in the book Blood Red Horse bye K.M. Grant. However, most people don’t think about Baha Adin or Gavin de Granville. They might have not been such great advisors at first, but have became wonderful advisors later on. Many things in their life and what they went through must have had an effect on who they became.

Gavin de Granville and Baha Adin both had many similarities. They both went through hardships. Gavin lost his arm, as stated in page 275, paragraph 2, and sentence 6.” With the loss of his arm….”. Baha Adin went through hardships as well. He saw many of the Saracen soldiers killed and bloody, as stated in page 127, ending to page 128 beginning,”Baha Adin was standing by the flap, looking out at and listening to messengers. Wounded soldiers were streaming past.” Another similarity was that they were good advisors/supporting characters. Gavin was a good advisor to king Richard that, King Richard made Gavin count of Hartslove stated in page 275, paragraph 3, and sentence 3, “I also bequeath to my faithful councilor Gavin de Granville, now count of Hartslove….”. Baha Adin was as loyal to Saladin as Gavin was to King Richard. As stated in page 71, paragraph 7, sentence 2, “… By Baha Adin, a councilor whose advice Saladin particularly valued…” .

A big difference between Gavin and Baha was their religion. Baha Adin was a Saracen, as you can infer from this statement found in page 127, paragraph 4, “Only ten miles away in the Saracen camp, Saladin was striding around his tent angry and worried. Baha Adin was standing by the flap….” . Gavin was Christian as you can infer from this statement in page 232, “the brothers embraced. God, the king and Hosanna, William whispered. Gavin tried to reply. He got far as god, the king but could say no more.”

Gavin and Baha did show good advisory. Let’s see if they still share a good talent in the next book Green Jasper by: K.M....
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