Blood Diamonds

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Prof. W. Jaye
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Movie Evaluation
2 March 2013 Blood Diamonds
Blood Diamonds explores the underground world of the diamond trade in Sierra Leone, where rare diamonds are used to fund military rebels at war. The film is based on Archer, a man with a survival instinct and a passion for collecting conflict diamonds. Archer finds himself involved with Solomon, a fisherman who was kidnapped and forced into slavery. Solomon was forced to work in the diamond mining fields under the command of a cruel fearless leader named Captain Poisen. When Captain Poison captures all of these innocent people, many men, women, and children were separated from their families and normal lives. The rebel group that captured Solomon and his family was called the Revolutionary United Front (RUF)(Blood Diamonds). The RUF used the diamonds they forced their slaves to mine to support their war, they would trade the blood diamonds for guns and armed weapons. While Solomon slaved away working for the terrible RUF, in the diamond fields, Solomon found a pink diamond. Solomon takes a quick look around and decides to ask if he may go to the restroom. After being searched heavily Solomon runs of into the wood and stashes the diamond deep in the ground. Solomon already scared for him and his family's lives, doesn't know that Captain Poison spotted him stealing. As soon as Captain Poison attempts to find the diamond that Solomon hid they were attacked by government troops. Both Solomon and Captain Poison were taken as prisoners. Around the same time this was taking place, Danny Archer was also taken as a prisoner. When Captain Poison arrive at the prison and sees Solomon he begins screamed about the large diamond so everyone can hear, Poison even offers other prisoners amounts of money to kills Solomon right where he stood. Autry 2

After Archers' release he arranges help getting Solomon out of the prison because of Archers' interest in the large diamond....

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