Revolutionary United Front: Summary

Topics: Family, Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone Civil War Pages: 3 (586 words) Published: September 12, 2015

Solomon Vandy has three children, a son, a baby daughter, and a daughter. He lives in a quite village with his wife which is Sierra Leone and his children. Solomon Vandy’s occupation is a fisherman. He has a proud child; Dia Vandy. Dia is a 12 years old child. One day, Solomon accompany his son walking back home, while Solomon and Dia are talking about school, he known his son, Dia is a smart child and wish can be a doctor in future. But everything changed, when Revolutionary United Front (RUF) was destroyed their homes. Revolutionary United Front (RUF) is a rebel group to fighting with the government in Sierra Leone.
However, under some of the reasons Solomon was started help RUF working in water panning for diamonds. Suddenly Solomon saw a pink diamond was like a bird's egg size, he carefully put in between his toes and he ask one of the rebel, say that he want go bathroom. After that, the rebel checks his mouth, hand, ears and cloth. The Captain Poison discovers he stealing a diamond, so the Captain Poison holds a gun to his head, commands...

But Archer told him, his son is not together with RUF. They saw a group of rebel was driving through, Solomon think that, the group of rebel was captured his child, Dia. Ancher was told the Solomon to stay and will move after the sun rise. But Solomon is gone when he wake up. Solomon was put down with a rebel soldier and tried to close his son. As he did so, he tried to get Dia to follow him, but refused diameter, causing a commotion. The next day, Archer is trying to save Solomon and Dia back. But Dia is already change become a different person. Dia is holding a gun to Archer. After that, Solomon is try to talk with him and ask him to put down the gun, remind him about their family and how Dia is going to be a doctor in future. Nevertheless, Solomon is cries, and Dia cries and Solomon hugs Dia told him how much he love him. Dia rehabilitation and back to the...
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