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Live It Up is an insurance company that provides a range of specialised insurance products to large corporations. A subsidiary of a Fortune 100 corporation, Live It Up has regional Asia Pacific branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, and across Australia. Live It Up has over 300 staff members in these branches and is a multi-million dollar business that is well regarded within the insurance industry- both as a company you would want to deal with, as well as one you would want to work in.

I started at Live It Up in 2008. I was new to the insurance industry so gained knowledge about Live It Up through their website and from a friend who worked in the insurance industry and knew of their reputation as a good place to work.

The psychological contract that I have with Live It Up began for me the day of my first interview. Meeting senior managers within the organisation and seeing inside the organisation’s physical office gave me a feel for the level of professionalism within and success of the organisation. Wood et al (2013) define the psychological contract between an individual and an organisation as specifying what each “expect to give to and receive from each other in the course of their working relationship” (Wood, 2013, p. 12). In that first interview I asked about the culture of the company and was told that there was an expectation that the individuals who work for Live It Up work hard and provide output consistently better than peers within competitor organisations, however this was balanced with a sense that the company “looked after” its employees. Wood et al (2013, p. 12-13) refers to this being the individual providing contributions in the form of work effort, loyalty, skill and knowledge in return for inducements from the organisation such as pay, security, career, praise and other benefits.

I have now been with Live It Up for over 5 years and I do work hard for this company, but I am also very proud and happy to work there. Live It Up has provided...

References: Wood, J.; Zeffane, R.; Fromholtz, M.; Wiesner, R.; Morrison, R. and Seet, P-S. (2013). Organisational behaviour: Core concepts and applications. (Third Australasian Edition). Milton Qld.: John Wiley and Sons Australia Ltd.
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