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Executive summary
There is a rapid development in the information technology industry and any organization like Apple, involved in the development, innovation and marketing of such products must be well positioned strategically to manage. Apple has for the past 26 years has an exceptionally exemplary story. The company had a steady growth achieved through several highs and downs in its operation both in the local and international markets (Burrows, Green, & Grover, 2006). The worst time was in 1997, when Michael Dell, the Chief Executive Officer of Dell Computers (DELL) was asked to comment on the status of the company, and any way forwards from him as one experienced in the industry. As indicated by, he said the company should close down and the money returned to the shareholders. A few years later the company is rated as the best performer after a remarkable record in the 2005 annual sale of 32 Million iPod music players (Adamson & Andrew, 2007). The company has been vigorous in improving on the electronic gadgets in the market and innovating new gadgets that have made it audible through in the contemporary business management. This has been as a result of the institutional vision statement that says ‘man is a creator of change in the world’. Innovation and quality have been a distinguishing factor of Apple against its competitors in the market. In this paper, the contemporary issue of management has been followed up through the company’s past and present to realize its progress and positioning, and more so its success today.

Table of Contents
Executive summary1
2.The development of Apple Company in the past few years5
3.Steven Jobs management styles6
4.Tim Cook management styles7
5.Differences and similarities between the two CEO8
6.The trend Apple is undergoing under Tim Cook9
7.How Apple will develop after the death of Steven Jobs11
7.1 Political11
7.2 Economic11
7.3 Social12
7.4 Technological12

With a picture of an apple as its logo, Apple has built for itself a brand value on the global scene. In the year 1976, two young men, Steve Job and Steve Wozniak who had struggled with their formal career training in colleges dropped out to begin a business venture which through many years is today the famous Apple. As indicated by (Gitman & McDaniel, 2008) the young men made a remarkable innovation. During the time when telephoning was a new development thus very expensive, they made boxes that could allow people make calls free of charge. What a bright idea, welcomed and recognized by the public. These boxes sold like hot cakes prompting Wozniak to make an improved one with a name Apple I. in order to raise money to start a company, the two sold a van and two calculators, raising a sum of $1300 (Carbaugh, 2010). Their beginning was awesome because shortly after the company’s start, they managed to sale 50 computers accumulating $666, a reasonable amount at the time. They grew to a point of hiring people interested in computer engineering. They were engaged in the production of circuit boards and software designs. Later on, they hired Regis McKenna, a former marketing executive at Intel Corporation. By the year 1978, the company had sold over 35,000 computers, a great achievement of the time and a significant contribution to the young company’s capital base. . Wozniak left and Jobs hired new Chief operations Officer John Scully. (Yoffie & Rossano, 2012) Confirms that john worked for Pepsi Company before. The company has invested globally by opening stores rapidly. In 2001, the company opened 25 retail stores. Over a period of five years, there was a significant achievement of a total of 163 stores in different countries. By 2012, the company has 400 retail stores with this contrast speaking for itself as to the rate of development of the company. The development of Apple Company in...

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