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Teaching Literacy, Outline Module

Lesson Plan for 12th Grade Level Readers

Topic: The Great Gatsby

Part 1

Title of Text: Fitzgerald, F. Scott. (1925). The Great Gatsby. New York: Simon & Schuster

Readability Level of Text: I will be using the whole book for my lesson plan. I came to the readibility level by using teh OKAPI software. Since I am using the whole book of the Great Gatsby I chose to just type in the first couple sentences of the book.

Text Summary: The Great Gatsby is a book viewed through the eyes of a character named Nick Carraway. In the summer of 1922 Mr. Carraway moves to New York on a business adventure, where he rents a house next to a man named Jay Gatsby. This house in West Egg is close to his cousin Daisys house and her husband Tom, Nick old classmate from Yale. These two will soon introduce Nick to a girl named Jordan, Who will be Nicks summer romance. Soon Nick, Jordan, Gatsby, Daisy and Tom all swtart to hang out at Gatsbys mansion. Secrets are revealed, like Gatsby has been in love with Daisy for years, and he bought hsi hosue just so he could be close to Daisy. Soon Gatsby and Daisy start up a relationship. Tom gets courious! One day Gatsby and Daisy is driving with Daisy at the wheel. Daisy stricks and kills a lady. Tom tells the woman’s husband that it was Gatsby driving the car. In such a fit of rage he kills Gatsby, realizes he didn’t do it, and then kills himself. Nick finds Gatsby’s body laying in his pool in the back yard. It seems when Gatsby dies the summer of 1922 dies with him. Things go back to the way things were before the summer started.

The ideas I will be using in my lessons are subjects I want ot get across to my students such as the plot of the story. I want my sents to know all about the characters and settings in teh story. I will be teaching my students all about symbolism this this book. I would like my students to know what the 20’s were like so they can get a better perspective of the book when reading it. Knowing what they 20’s were like will not only let my class get a better picture of teh book through the narritors eyes but other characters eyes as well.

Pages Used for Lesson: I will be using the entire book of “The Great Gatsby” for my lesson plan

Rationale: I was introduced to this book in high school and again in college. It was a great American novle that I feel everyone should read. By the time I am done this lesson my students will ahve a great understanding of what the 1920’s were like. They will be knowledgable about the characters, the settting, symbolism, and the plot of the story. My students will be reading at home and sometimes out loud in the classroom, then the class will have individual reaing time as well as group time. This will give my students a chance to work with others as well as get new perspectivies on this book. My hopes for this lesson, weather they like the book or not, it to get them interested in reading.

Part 2

Objectives-Before Reading
1. The students will be able to discuss in detail facts and characteristics of the 1920’s in reference to “The Great Gatsby” before reading the book (By the Prezi presentation I will give) Objectives-During Reading

1. The students will be able to read the whole book and understand what the novel is about(The Great Gatsby is on these students reading level and they will read the book). Objectives-After Reading

1. The students will be able to clearly answer questions such as “Where does the novel take place at?” and “Who is the main character of the book? Why?” 2. The students will be able to read the whole book and understand what the novel is about. After reading the students will be able to have an educated group discussion about the novel(When done reading the book that students will have a vast knowledge of The Great Gatsby) 4. The Students will be...
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