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16 November 2011
Choosing a Destiny

Things can be very difficult for some people to choose their own destiny. “Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with when fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.” (Marcus Aurelius) What this quote is saying is that people should accept things in which fate binds people. Rudolfo Anaya’s novel Bless Me Ultima takes place in Guadalupe, New Mexico after World War II. This novel is about a young boy named Antonio. He does not know what his destiny is going to be when he grows up. So his mother and father have already planned his future. His mother wants him to become a priest and his father wants him to be a vaquero.

Choosing people’s own destiny for them can be difficult for some people. While some people have their family members already tell them what their destiny will be before they are even grown up. “You will be like my brothers. You will be a Luna, Antonio. You will be a man of the people, and perhaps a priest.” (Anaya 9). What this quote means is that people have to be able to accept things that they really want to do in their life instead of having someone else choose it for them. In the novel Bless Me Ultima it says that Antonio’s mother already knows his destiny. She wants him to become a priest when he grows up. Later Antonio does not really want to be a priest when he grows up.

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“My father had been a vaquero all his life, a calling as ancient as the coming of the Spaniard to Nuevo Mejico.”(Anaya 2). This quote is saying that Antonio’s father was a vaquero and he wants Antonio to be just like him. When people are trying to change a destiny for Antonio, Antonio could be unhappy and uncomfortable. “I will bless you!” you little bastard!” they laughed. They grabbed me, took of my pants and took turns spanking me.” (Anaya 68). What this quote is saying is that things do not go as well as people may think. For...
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