Black Beauty

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This story takes place during the mid - to late - nineteenth - century at various English stables.

Black Beauty
Duchess(Black Beauty’s Mother)
Ginger(chestnut mare)
Squire Gordon(the owner of Birtwick Park)
John and James(the stable gooms)
Joe Green(the young groom)
Jerry Baker(the kind owner of the cab fleet)
Nicholas Skinner(the cruel owner of the cab fleet)
Mr. Thorouhgood(the good farmer)

This story is told by Black Beauty. Black Beauty tells of his carefree days as a foal, his difficult life pulling cabs, and his happy retirement in the country.

I learned so much from
This book .I loved this book because it teaches us about the cruel treatment of horses . Through Black Beauty eyes, we can feel his pride, pain , suffering ,and joy. This book was one of the first books to use an animal in the first person . I think this makes the story more real for the reader .

Black Beauty tells his
Life story from begining to end . Black Beauty
shares with the reader
the pride he develops
from living on a wealthy estate with his mother,
the pain that he endures when he must leave her , the suffering he endures while pulling a carriage
for a wealthy woman,
and the joy of being
reunited with an old
friend .

Anna Sewell
Adapted by:
Deidre Laiken

Note Listed

This story begins with Black Beauty living in the meadow on a country estate with his mother. This is where Black Beauty is taught how to behave by his mother, Dutchess. This is also where Black Beauty is taught how to wear a bridle, bit, saddle, and harness. Black Beauty is sold at the age of four to Squire Gordon, the owner of Birtwick Park. At Birtwick park, Black Beauty meets Ginger. He learns through Ginger’s stories how cruel humans can be to animals. The stable...
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