The Black Stallion Ledgened

Topics: Kill, Friendship, Horse Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: May 24, 2005
The book the black stallion legend is about a boy by the name of Alec Ramsey and his horse "the black", Alec and the black go out west because one of Alec's best friend's Pam dies in a horrible car crash. In a moment of madness Alec sets his horse free in to the desert. Then dazed and heartsick, Alec wanders aimlessly until he collapses. A young native American boy by the name of Alph rescues him from death.

Alph also recounts a prophecy. According to a local legend, a rider on a big black horse will protect the tribe from danger. When Alec and the black reunited, it looked like the legend had come to life.

Alec while on his way into the desert his truck breaks down and is to ride the black through the very unpredictable desert. While riding through the desert, tired and thirsty and alone with no other humans because Alph had left him, Alec and the black run into a mob of the "loco brothers" who are people of Alph's people and Alec's, strung out on crazy weeds, covering their bodies with white powder and living in a dream world of their own making. The loco brothers attack Alec and the black almost killing them.

My favorite character in the book is Alec because he was not afraid of the loco brothers and he did protect the native American village from danger(the loco brothers).
My favorite part in the book was when Alec and the black ran into the loco brothers, and they tried to kill them but did not succeed(ha ha). My least favorite part in the book was when Pam died because it was sad, and Alec and Pam were really good friends.

I liked the book a lot because it had a lot of action like what happened with the loco brothers. I would recommend this book to someone who likes fictional books and likes an adventure in a book.

The end…….
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