Black and White Upper Classes

Topics: Upper class, Social groups, Sociology Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: June 11, 2013
Comparison of Black and White Upper Classes

From the start, there have always seem to been a contrast in differences between the upper white class and the upper black class. Beginning from centuries ago and still to this day, black and white upper class has been through many transformations and been placed into various status groups. These lifestyles that each group were living, were determined by their wealth, education, their occupation, and families background. Past decades there has always been a difference in status between how the upper white class and upper black class stood together. As these parents also wanted to make sure their children were understanding about their past and having many standards to fulfill. Between the black and white upper classes, there have been many assessments about how each group obtained and maintained their living standards.

When it comes to looking at the historical origins of the nations white upper class with the origins of the black upper class, it gives depth to understanding the social classes during the late 1800’s till today. There was a transformation between both white upper class and black upper class. White upper class begun to transform from before and after the civil war. The white upper class was based upon old family fortunes, and the wealth and prestige that were in correspondence. Post-civil war, it was more national know of the prominent families that were upper class. This was based on the quick shift of their accumulation of wealth, and still pertaining wealth and prestige of old families. With new funds of the old prestige, there were a few functions that white upper class men became a part of. Their admissions into prep school meant acceptance into the upper-class status, allowing students to become prepared for upper-class social community. Besides prep school, the metropolitan men’s club was another function that was for white upper class society. The men’s club provided important meetings for...
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