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Topics: Brad Pitt, People, Jennifer Aniston Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: May 3, 2011
One of the most disputable questions in our time is “Should the celebrity scandals in the press be banned”. Many people think that the tabloids shouldn’t write about the private life of the film and music stars. For example: when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got married, all tabloids wrote stories about their private life. The journalists made up a lot of them. As a result of that they split up. I think that the scandals in the press should be banned! In my opinion it’s none of our business what the stars do in their free time. Personally, I believe that most of the people that read such ridiculous stories about the stars’ private life don’t believe they are true. They read them just for fun. Nevertheless, I think we can do without this kind of entertainment. I don’t go along with the tabloids because the half of the stuff they print is just a complete rubbish. What is more: I think that the famous people have immoral lives but it is more immoral to write and read about it. Perhaps the most important point however is that when the teenagers read about the scandalous things that music and film stars do, they think that it’s OK to do such things. I don’t believe that is good about the youth – the future of our world.

In conclusion, I would say that tabloids must stop to make up stories about the famous people. I think that reading such newspapers is just waste of time. We can spend our time in more pleasant things like going hiking or going swimming or just stay with our friends.
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