The Fame

Topics: The Fame, Celebrity, English-language films Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Effects of fame on celebrities

The fame of celebrities always plays an important role in society. The Media gives a big part of their resources to celebrities. Society is very interested in star’s life. They buy “gossip” magazines and avidly read news about them. Have you ever thought about effects of fame on celebrities? There are three effects: lack of freedom, scandals and gossip and impact on children of celebrities. First, celebrities cannot feel free and relaxed in public places. They are always under close scrutiny wherever they go because paparazzi are waiting for them in stores, cafes and restaurants, on the street and even near their home. They always go at their heels. If a celebrity goes out dressed simply and without make up, their photos will be in the newspaper the next day. They have to look well every day and everywhere. Otherwise people will look at their photos and discuss each part of their body and style. Celebrities use a good way to be unrecognizable wearing glasses and caps. These things do not make your life easy. Second, scandals and gossip are the most important part on fame. These are the best way to remind about celebrities and support their status. A private life of celebrities is always available to society. You can imagine how many families of celebrities split up under the onslaught of gossip and attention. According to statistics, every fifth family. But about 50% of the gossip is not true. Society makes a mountain out of molehill. Journalists invent non-existent celebrities’ relationships. Paparazzi try to make a sensation. They try to find past and old story about their life and show it to the public. Celebrities are under pressure from paparazzi, journalists and photographers. According to statistics, pressure is one of the most important reasons why there are a higher percentage of drug addicts, alcoholics, love affairs, and illegitimate children in celebrities’ life. It becomes a norm. Finally, fame also causes a bad...
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