Bk3 Ch23 Sug Ans E

Topics: Obesity, Cancer, Hypertension Pages: 3 (442 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Suggested answers to Exercise and Reading to learn
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Chapter 23Personal health
Multiple-choice questions (p. 23-21)

Short questions (p. 23-22)
9aFrom left to right:
Physical, Mental, Social1m
bSmoking / drinking alcohol / taking drugs / stress / eating too many fatty foods or too much salt / being overweight / obese / unhealthy diet1m


11aFrom top to bottom:
Increases, Slurs, Decreases1m x 3
bDrug which the body cannot do without / has difficulty to give up.1m

12HKCEE Human Biology 2003 I Q3b

Structured questions (p. 23-23)
bAny two from:2.5m x 2
Carbon monoxide (CO)0.5m
CO binds to haemoglobin (Hb) to form carboxyhaemoglobin.1m Hb has greater affinity for CO. / CO irreversibly reduces the oxygen carrying ability of blood.1m
Tar accumulates in the lungs.1m
Tar increases the diffusion barrier.1m
Tar is carcinogenic.1m
Tar paralyses / damages cilia.1m
Tar increases mucus production.1m
Tar can lead to the production of scar tissue.1m
Tar reduces elasticity of the airway.1m
It causes cancer.1m
It changes DNA. / It causes mutation.1m
It leads to uncontrolled mitotic cell division.1m
It leads to formation of a tumour.1m
ciThe percentage of heavy smokers rises from professional (group 1) to unskilled manual workers (group 6).1m
Reference to figures1m
iiAs the percentage of heavy smokers increases, so does the number of people with long-standing illness. / The relative increase in smoking is far greater than the relative increase in long-standing illness.1m

Reference to...
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