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By mazennn Feb 26, 2013 902 Words
Essay on self review

Last semester we made two test about self perception in the personal development classes. It were two different tests, the first one was the Belbin self perception tests, and with this test you had to divide 10 points in every section. By doing this tests you got a nice view of who you are and what kind of person you are. The second test was the personal style inventory, and this test was about how you came across to others. You had to divide 5 points for every question, for example 1A 2 points, and 1B 3 points. The first test we did was the Belbin self perception test. By answering the question you got a score for every profile, and the profile with the highest score should fit you the most. According to this test I was a Shaper. Keywords for a shaper are: Challenging, Dynamic, thrives on pressure, has the drive and courage to overcome obstacles. And weaknesses for shapers are: Can provoke others, tends to hurt people’s feelings. The second test was the personal style inventory. My personality signature was ESTJ according to this test. A ESTJ is a stabilizer and is practical, realistic, matter-of-fact, with a natural head for business and mechanics. Not interested in subjects for which they see no use, but can apply themselves when necessary. Like to organize and run activities. May be impatient with others or impetuous. Like to be involved in community activities. I could really find myself in the results of these two tests. I could recognize many aspects and characteristics of the profiles I had according to these two tests. I saw myself as challenging, dynamic and, work better when I feel pressure, and I can overcome obstacles. I also recognized the weaknesses, I can sometimes hurt people’s feelings when I am being too hard. I could also recognize myself in the ESTJ. I am only interested in relevant subjects, I am realistic, I am a organizer and might me impatient sometimes. When I am looking back at the results of the two self perception tests I can still recognize myself in it. I do not think that I am changed that much in this semester and I do not believe anybody can really change that much in just one semester. I still have the same characteristics and I still see myself as a Shaper. I even think that this semester made it even more clear for me what my characteristics are. This semester I showed that I am challenging, dynamic, I can overcome obstacle, and I certainly thrive on pressure. But also my weaknesses did not change because I still tend to hurt people’s feeling by being too hard and maybe too straight to the point. But I think it is too bad that I did not work on my weaknesses because that was my plan for this semester. I can also still recognize myself in the result of the personal style inventory, where my personality signature was ESTJ and what that means you can see a few paragraphs above. I can still totally find myself in the result of this tests except of one thing and that is that I have a natural head for mechanics, but I definitely do not have a head for mechanics, because I am nowhere near technical. However I still think I am practical, realistic, and this semester have proven that I like to organize and run activities. Because I had a important role in organizing the market fair. Also several situations came across were other characteristics showed up, for example the characteristic of being realistic. But I did not only show the ‘good’ characteristics, because this semester also proved that I can be impatient with others. I think this is mainly due to the fact that I compare others with how I should do it and how I am. This is definitely something where I should work on in the upcoming period. I also asked other people how they see me and if they think my test results fit my real personality, and they all thought that it totally fit with how I am. I also asked them if they think that I am changed since the time that we did this test, but they share my opinion that I did not change a lot. Someone did mention that he found that I was more mature now and I think this is a big compliment, because being mature also means that you take your responsibilities and that was something I wanted to work on myself. To conclude I think that my personal characteristics did not change a lot in this semester. I have still the same characteristics and I can still find myself in the results from the self perception tests we did in the first semester. I personally do not think that you can change that drastically that you cannot recognize yourself in the results from the tests anymore. But I did change in this semester, not my personal characteristics, but I did change as a person. I am more serious and professional now and I think that I approach things and situations from a different perspective now. For the next semester there is still room to develop because I want to work on my weaknesses, which will help me in growing as a person.

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