birds of a feather flock together

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“Birds of a feather” or “opposites attract”

After reading chapter one of the mating game, it shows that relationships are more likely to occur between two people who have similar characteristics. When two people share the same values, goals, and outlook on life there going share a deeper connection. By sharing common interests and hobbies your relationship will run smoother, when it comes to picking activities to do as a couple.

Now there are also benefits by not having similar characteristics. For example I know that I am bad with money, but my boyfriend is really good with money so in that way we balance each other out. I strongly believe that there should be a healthy balance between similar characteristics and non-similar characteristics. When looking for a long-term partner you need to know one another’s strengths and weaknesses. It could be things like, the wife is a wonderful cook but has no idea how to change a tire and the husband can change a tire but when it comes to cooking he can some how manages to burn water.

When it comes to religion I find that it is more important to share the same beliefs as someone else. By not sharing the same beliefs it will most likely be a cause of many arguments. It will also be hard to decide how you will raise you children.

With all this being said I believe that people with similar characteristics, values, goals, and religious beliefs are more likely to be attracted to one another compared to people that don’t have as much in common.

I like how you pointed out that differences could also be beneficial to a relationship. I know of many relationships where one individual is shy and a introvert but their partner is very out-going and is extroverted. They all seem to love their relationship because they balance each other out. For example the outgoing person adds spice to the shy individuals life, and the shy individual helps the outgoing one stay calm when they need to be.

I do believe being...
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