bipolar disorder

Topics: Bipolar disorder, Mania, Major depressive disorder Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: October 12, 2013

The Effects of Bipolar Disorder
My topic of interest will be on Bipolar Disorder and its psychological, emotional and financial effects. The reason for choosing this topic is because bipolar disorder runs on my side of the family and it runs on my husbands’ side of the family as well. My sister in law was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after she abandoned her husband and their two daughters. My Aunt Gwen was also diagnosed with it but I was never allowed to know, I was told she “has many sides to her love.” I believe in choosing this topic that it will help me be able to truly grasp this disorder so that I can help my nieces to understand the disorder also.

The psychological effects of Bipolar Disorder can have devastating consequences because bipolar disorder is a mood disorder and mental illness. In the article, “The Emotional, Physical, and Mental Effects of Bipolar Disorder” (Trey, 2010) stated that, “Bipolar Disorder is generally characterized by extreme cycles of depressed and manic behaviors” (Para 1). Symptoms that people often report to their physicians are depression, guilt, being easily agitated and irritable. They also described having a sense of helplessness, being worthless, and abandonment (Trey, 2010). Many people that have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder suffer from insomnia while others will sleep more than twelve hours a day. Their appetite plays an important factor also from not being hungry to having a never ending appetite (Trey, 2010). With numerous medications on the market for Bipolar Disorder that just alleviate the symptoms there is no cure causing most people diagnosed to live day to day hoping that their medication works to alleviate the signs and symptoms.

The emotional effects of Bipolar Disorder can have devastating effects on personal and professional relationships for people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. The Article “ Bipolar Disorder(Manic...

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