Bioterrorism: The Pros And Cons Of Biological Warfare

Topics: Infectious disease, Immune system, Vaccination, Infection, Vaccine, Bacteria / Pages: 6 (1377 words) / Published: May 7th, 2016
Bioterrorism (Biological Warfare) is defined as the usage of infectious agents in killing or causing injuries to human’s, plants, and animals. It has been used all over the world by many different countries. Along with nuclear and chemical weapons, biological weapons are classified as a Weapon of Mass Destruction (2). It’s a mass destruction weapon because of it being highly contagious and having the ability to spread, creating a “blast radius” that is virtually endless. The reason why the impact of bioterrorism is so big nowadays is because powerful nations have the technology to create and also vaccinate different diseases while their weaker counter parts cannot (4).
The CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) subdivided into
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There are a lot more reasons why it’s bad. One of the biggest disadvantages of biological warfare it its nature of being unpredictable (2). Going back to World War two, Japan had a biowarfare unit. The biggest accomplishment from this group is they infected Chinese wells with Cholera. Statistics from the Health Resource Fund say that for every attack it caused about 10,000 casualties. It was a successful operation by the Japanese until, it ran rampant and they lost control. That incident accidentally killed 1,700 Japanese troops …show more content…
I however think that it’s perfectly appropriate in the name of war only if some other country attacked us first. Another controversial topic that ties in perfectly to this topic is the nuclear bomb and the death of thousands in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I only support this devastating attack because of what Japan did to the U.S and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I do not support it when we do it just to kill thousands of people without a reason. It’s a lot cheaper and easier to create pathogens then to invent new form of weaponry in the gun or tank department. The U.S is a very powerful county with a big target on it for terrorist attacks. I like the thought of Biological engineered viruses because they can be used to create a sense of fear in the eyes of terrorists all over the world. People always say fear keeps you alive, so, if we can put fear in the eyes of people without killing them. Sickness is a natural part of life. Everyone gets sick eventually. Using pathogens almost seems natural, at least more natural than using guns. The main reason I support biowarfare is that it’s a lot safer to American soldiers to release a disease to cripple the bad guys than to send all these young men and women into the middle of a gunfight where many of them are shot and

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