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Gabby Hrinsin 1st

Revolutionary Analytical Methods for Biomolecules

Mass Spectrometry (MR) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) are two very important fields of chemistry. The two fields had the hone to share the Nobel Prize in 2002. John B. Fenn, Koichi Tanaka, and Kurt Wuthrich have all had a part in further developing these methods of chemistry. Throughout this article it talks about why you should study biological macromolecules, how mass spectrometry is a method used to identify molecules, how each scientist contributed to the methods, and the NMR for biological macromolecules.

Studying biological macromolecules can help many people understand all living organisms. All living organisms contain the same type of large molecules and macromolecules. Everything in the cell is controlled by nucleic acids. Cells also have a variety of proteins that the cells use as leading actors. Every protein has a different function depending on its environment. Questions, such as, how can it be that man’s 30000-or-so genes code for hundreds of thousands of different proteins? have been brought up as a result too more and more organisms gene sequences are being mapped and researched. No one chemist can ever answer a question like this right off the top of their head so all chemists are always trying to gain more knowledge on proteins and how the function together with each other and with molecules in the cells.

Mass spectrometry is a way for us to pinpoint a substance in sample on the groundwork of mass. The method of mass spectrometry has continued to be used by scientist on small and medium sized molecules. There are many examples to where mass spectrometry is used such as foodstuff control, doping and drug tests. The usage of mass spectrometry for macromolecules has attracted many scientists. Even though macromolecules are large compared to normal sized molecules, they are still very small structures. To measure the mass of ions, proteins, is...
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