Topics: Biometrics, Lagos, Access control Pages: 11 (3053 words) Published: February 7, 2013
World of Computer Science and Information Technology Journal (WCSIT) ISSN: 2221-0741 Vol. 2, No. 4, 120-124, 2012

A Biometric Model for Examination Screening and Attendance Monitoring in Yaba College of Technology Rufai M.M, Adigun J. O, N. A. Yekini
Department of Computer Technology, Yaba College of Technology

Abstract —Examination malpractices have consistently remained a bane of Nigerian educational system. A common form of examination malpractices is the deliberate impersonation of the applicant. Part of the requirement of a credible examination is that the real applicants wrote the exams. Several steps have been taken to check this crime unabated. Some of the methods adopted are: the use of Identity card; the presence of invigilators to identify fake students; the allocation of sitting arrangement number that determines the hall where the student will write exam and the need to sign in and out on the attendance sheets. This research work proffers solution to the problem of student impersonation during exams. A biometric model is designed to identify every applicant at the point of entry into the examination hall. A biometric verification exercise is also conducted while the examination is going and at the point of submission of examination papers. The students’ attendance is captured automatically as their identity is verified on the biometric systems. The Biometric Access Control Techniques is explained. A model describing its application to examination screening and attendance monitoring is designed using denotational mathematics. Keywords- Biometrics; Examination Malpractices; Attendance Monitoring.

I. INTRODUCTION Examination can be defined as an instrument for testing assessment, evaluation and accreditation (Ike, 1996). It is a potent instrument for judging knowledge and competence. An exam is credible if it possess the following key elements: free and fair; devoid of partiality, cheating and all forms of examination malpractices. Candidate impersonation is one of the prominent forms of examination malpractices. The idea is that a more knowledgeable personality is hired as machinery to write exam for the original candidate. A invigilator identifies a genuine candidate by his Identity card that bears his name, picture and other relevant information. Out of all the information present on the candidate’s Identity card, only the picture is verifiable on the spot. That is the invigilator looks at the face of the candidate and tries to match it with the picture on the identity card. Unknown to him, the picture of the impostor can be on the identity card while other information belongs to the genuine owner. Genuine verification of the candidate’s identity as a major requirement for participation in an exam is the primary objective of this research work. This explain why biometric fits into the overall objective of this work. At the entrance to the examination hall, the identity of student is confirmed and

the attendance is automatically captured during student identity and exam eligibility biometric verification. II. EXAMINATION PROCESS IN YABATECH Yaba College of Technology is one of the foremost polytechnic in Nigeria established in 1963. Examination are conducted twice in a year is that first and second semester examinations. A student must satisfy some conditions before he can qualify for writing exams. Some of these conditions are:   He must have duly registered: which includes payment of school fees and course registration He must have not less than 70% lecture attendance

After satisfying the above conditions a student is issued an examination docket which he presents to the invigilator at the point of entry into the examination hall. The student is additionally given a sitting arrangement number that determines the hall of examination. For verification purpose, a student is expected to present the student identity card, the school fees receipt, the examination docket and the course registration....
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