Biography of Lena Maria Klingvall

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Individualism Pages: 6 (2123 words) Published: August 16, 2011
Biography of Lena Maria Klingvall

Lena Maria Klingvall, from Jonkoping, Sweden, was 20 years old when she became known to the Swedish TV-viewers through the documentary called ‘Goal in Sight’. Lena Maria was born in 1968 without arms and with only one healthy leg while the other one is half developed. She has to walk with an artificial leg and the cause of her disability is unknown. Lena Maria learnt how to swim when she was only three years old. At the age of eighteen, she entered the National Swedish Games where she was granted a place in the national team. At the same year, she took two gold medals and set two world records in the World Championship. The highlight of her swimming career was the Paralympic Games 1988 in Seoul, South Korea. From 1987 to 1991 Lena Maria studied at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Since her examination she has been touring all over the world such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. Through her around 60 tours in Asia with concerts, TV, radio and media and around 50 CDs and movies she has attracted attention. Her song at the Opening Ceremony at the Paralympic Games in Nagano was truly appreciated. Lena Maria has been an artist in the Mouth and Foot Painting Artist Association since 1990. She is also engaged in different occasions to talk about humandignity, identity and life quality. In 1996 Lena Maria wrote a book about her life called ‘Foot-Notes’. The book is translated and published in 14 different languages. Lena Maria has also written a second book called ‘Happy Days’. During spring in 2005, Lena Maria received an Honorary Citizenship of Taiwan and also the ‘Artur Erikson’ scholarship. In January 2008 Lena Maria received the H.M. The King's Medal from H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf with the words: 'For prominent accomplishment as an artist and athlete and as a model for people with disabilities in Sweden and abroad.’ 2009 Lena Maria held a speech at where other speakers like Bill Gates and Al Gore took part. Objective: * To introduce the background of Lena Maria and the inspiration that she brings to all of us. * To emphasize the importance of being a herald of optimism and encourage ourselves or others to live a happy life in spite of obstacles. * To provide protection to the handicappers, society shouldn’t ignore them as everyone is treated in the same way. * To inform the public about the value of life of each person. Human beings should appreciate what they have and do not give up easily no matter what difficulties they faced.  Storyline: EMCC producing team came far away from China to Stockholm, Sweden to hold an interview with Lena Maria Klingvall and ask her the reason why she is happy. This interview was recorded under Gospel Profiles. Lena Maria Klingvall is a famous singer and world record-breaking swimmer. She was born without arms, and with one of her legs severely deformed. This interview was about the story of Lena Maria Klingvall and the reason how she could live happily and successfully. The weather in Stockholm by that time is extremely low with -6 degrees. However Lena Maria still welcome them with friendly smile and reporters felt touched watching Lena Maria’s happy smile and kindly reception. During the shooting of film, the producing team had found out a lot of incredible things about Lena Maria. Lena Maria was born as a handicapped child, she could have blaming or giving up, but instead she has maintained a positive, courageous, and upbeat attitude. Even in her baby and early childhood photos, we can see that she radiates happiness. Lena Maria could handle a lot of things by herself without asking for any help. She could drive in her reconstructed car, wear on seatbelt, clean her home, takes care of the laundry and other practical things. There is no difference between her and others. Her self-confident and optimism should be learned by the public....
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