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Topics: Fossil fuel, World energy resources and consumption, Wind power Pages: 9 (2762 words) Published: May 5, 2014
Matt Lemming
Biochemistry 100
Final Exam: Energy Policy
One solution to solving the world’s energy policy could be to invest more government spending into nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is manipulating an atom down to its molecular scale in order to change its complexion. An example of nanotechnology is Thermocells, which have been introduced by using carbon nanotube technology, and can provide up to three times the amount of energy than a normal cell. Thermocells look and feel like a standard cell phone battery but instead of the battery continuously running out of energy and needing recharging it constantly generates electricity so there is no need for recharging. Another example of nanotechnology is in the field of solar energy. The very best solar cells existing today only absorb about forty percent of the suns rays while commercially available cells only absorb about twenty percent of the suns rays. With increased research scientists can find out more on bandgaps or energy gaps, which in a solid state have a lack of electrons. If we can utilize bandgaps then we can change the structure of the solar panels causing them to absorb more sunlight. In 2005 the University of Toronto introduced a spray on solar collector that using nanoparticles can change the complexity of the spray to cause whatever it is applied upon to transform it into a solar collector (Water Scarcity). Nanotechnology is also being used in everyday things such as stain resistant clothes, bacterial detectors in food such as corn, and shorts with built in sunscreen.

Nuclear power is a highly debated resource because it is very efficient but can also be very dangerous. I for one do not like nuclear energy because it is hazardous but it is almost impossible to stay away from now. Nuclear energy produces lots of energy at a high efficiency rate. Even though I would include it into my energy policy I would also look for better alternatives. Even though we are running out of resources at a very fast rate and may have to resort to nuclear energy, we cannot use it forever because it poses so many health risks and excretes so much waste that we will eventually run out of places to put it. Radiation emitted from nuclear energy can cause cancer among other diseases to people, damage crops, and the nations water system in the long run. Not only is nuclear energy posing health risks it can also put our country in danger. This is because it seems like we are always at war with a country or have a problem with somebody whether it be over oil or a terrorist attack. Even though this past week Osama Bin Laden has been kid, we are still at war with the Middle East. So if the Middle East can get their hands on some nuclear material then it can spell danger for the United States. Nuclear energy provides the capabilities of making bombs that could harm thousands if not millions of people. So as for now I think nuclear energy would be a great idea but our main emphasis should be to find another alternative because we cannot use nuclear energy forever.

Fresh water is just as vital to society as energy is. If we do not have fresh water then we will not survive because all living life forms need water to live and we obviously cannot drink salt water. I believe that the government should implement harsher rules on watering. In my town our local government ruled that odd numbered houses can use the water outside their house on odd numbered days and even numbered homes can use their water on even numbered days. This law is actually strictly enforced in my town because one of my neighbors either did not know the rule or just thought it was stupid so they decided to water their grass on an odd numbered day when their address is an even number. To my disbelief I was told that a policeman came to my neighbor’s door, wrote them a $50 ticket, told them to turn the water off, and then left. At first I thought that was the dumbest thing I have ever heard, but now that I...

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